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Event: Streitgespräche am 05.12.2013 + 06.12.2013 im ESC

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Copy/Paste von Streitgespräche am 05.12.2013 und 06.12.2013 – 19 Uhr Piep, Piep, Piep, wir haben uns alle lieb? Von wegen! möchte die Macht des guten alten Streitgesprächs, des gepflegten Meinungsaustauschs, der erbitterten Kontroverse, der lautgedachten Erörterung, des abendlichen Gedankenaustausches, des freundlichen Meinungsgefechts, etc. wiederbeleben! Darum richten wir erstmals an zwei aufeinander folgenden […]

Event: Infracoders Graz Treffen am 09.10.2013

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Edmund Haselwanter­ hat mich eingeladen beim ersten Treffen der Infracoders Graz über das Thema “Continuous Integration im Rechenzentrum” zu reden. Dieser Einladung folge ich sehr gerne und werde basierend auf meinem Vortrag von der OSDC über Themen wie Continuous Integration/Delivery, Jenkins, jenkins-debian-glue, Puppet und mcollective referieren. Wann: Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013, 19:00 Uhr Wo: BYTEPOETS […]

How to get grub-reboot working™

Friday, May 10th, 2013

So while testing Proxmox VE 3.0 RC1 I had the need to reboot the system into a kernel version different than the one being the default in the bootloader GRUB. “lilo -R …” worked fine in the past, but with GRUB it’s not as trivial on the first sight to get its equivalent. I remembered […]

The #newinwheezy game: Grml packages in Debian/wheezy

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Following up on the #newinwheezy game: Debian/wheezy is the first Debian release which ships packages from the Grml system. Grml became an official Debian Derivative and I’m very happy that three major projects of Grml found their official way into Debian: grml2usb: install Grml system / ISO to usb device grml-debootstrap: wrapper around debootstrap for […]

The #newinwheezy game: new forensic packages in Debian/wheezy

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Debian/wheezy includes a bunch of packages for people interested in digital forensics. The packages maintained within the Debian Forensics team which are shipped with the upcoming Debian/wheezy stable release for the first time in a Debian release are: dc3dd: patched version of GNU dd with forensic features extundelete: utility to recover deleted files from ext3/ext4 […]

OSDC 2013: Folien zu Continuous Integration im Rechenzentrum

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Ich bin zurück von der Open Source Data Center Conference 2013, sehr schön war es. Die Vortragsfolien zu meinem Vortrag “Continuous Integration im Rechenzentrum” habe ich soeben hochgeladen: PDF (4,4MB)

ldmtool: accessing Microsoft Windows dynamic disks from Linux

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Linux is a great platform for dealing with all kinds of different file systems, partition tables etc. But one of the few annoying situations when working in IT forensics are Microsoft Windows dynamic disks, AKA LDM (Logical Disk Manager). Thanks to libldm’s ldmtool this is no longer true. A short demonstration from a real-life IT […]

Event: OSDC 2013

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

I’ll be speaker at the Open Source Data Center Conference 2013 in Nuremberg/Germany on 17th and 18th April, talking about Continuous Integration/Delivery in the data-center. I was speaking at OSDC back in 2009 and very much enjoyed the conference – so I’m totally looking forward to OSDC 2013, hope to see you there!

Revisiting 2012

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

2012 was a very special year for me, so it’s worth some words. In April the Grazer Linuxtage event took place, being one of the major IT events in Austria nowadays. I’m one of its original founders and after being part of the main organisation team for ten times I decided to leave the organisation […]