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Revisiting 2012

2012 was a very special year for me, so it’s worth some words.

In April the Grazer Linuxtage event took place, being one of the major IT events in Austria nowadays. I’m one of its original founders and after being part of the main organisation team for ten times I decided to leave the organisation team. I’m looking forward to enjoying the event in 2013 as visitor, I’m sure the organisation team will provide an absolutely rocking event.

In August I officially launched the jenkins-debian-glue project. It turned out to have been worth all the effort to go public with it. I received plenty of feedback and people are hacking on such great things nowadays that I have to find some time soon to bring those nifty new features people came up with back into my mainline.

In December my wife and me moved to our new place, being a house we bought in Graz. I’m very happy that everything worked out as planned. Thanks to wonderful friends we managed to reach a very pleasing state of our new place within just a few weeks. Once again many many thanks (you know who I mean)!

Throughout the whole year I’ve had several challenging IT consulting gigs in and outside of Austria as well as interesting forensic investigations. Sadly most of them are settled under NDA. That’s still something I can’t get really used to as being someone who likes to share and talk about my work with similarly minded people.

The year ended with a real-life fork, being such a wonderful experience that I still can’t believe that it’s true.

Thanks 2012, totally looking forward to 2013!

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