Michael Prokop


I'm a free software hacker and developer in the Debian and Grml projects, amongst others.

I'm CEO at SynPro Solutions GmbH.

I do consulting gigs through my company named Grml Solutions.

I'm the founder and lead behind Grml-Forensic, a system designed for forensic investigations and data rescue tasks.

I wrote a german book about Open Source Projektmanagement.

Every now and then I find the time to write something in my blog.

You can also find me on twitter.

Contact information

Michael Prokop
Weblinger Strasse 75d
8054 Graz / Austria
mail (at) michael-prokop.at
GPG: 0x96A87872B7EA3737


My old website started to suck, is out-of-date and I'm lacking time to fix that. So visit my blog instead.