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The #newinwheezy game: Grml packages in Debian/wheezy

Following up on the #newinwheezy game: Debian/wheezy is the first Debian release which ships packages from the Grml system. Grml became an official Debian Derivative and I’m very happy that three major projects of Grml found their official way into Debian:

As the description states grml2usb is interesting for getting Grml onto a USB device when the dd(1) approach (“dd if=grml.iso of=/dev/sdX“) just isn’t flexible enough.

grml-debootstrap provides a decent way to install Debian systems from the command line. As its author I might be biased but I’ve to mention that it’s working so nice that it is in use at several of my customers for automated roll-outs without any worries at all, and I got reports from other companies that they are very happy users of it as well.

Finally the grml-rescueboot packages provides a very simple and nice way to boot a rescue system from within GRUB (short version: throw a Grml ISO to /boot/grml/, run update-grub and be done).

PS: Thanks everyone for joining the #newinwheezy game over at :)

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