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rootserver, postfix, zsh, grml,…


My blog looked like dead in the last few days, I know. Sorry for that, but my load was and still is quite high again. ;-(

In the last few days I set up my own rootserver. Apache, Apache-SSL, MySQL, Courier and Postfix are doing their job now. If you can read this message it seems to work for you. ;-)

I really like postfix and did an extented RTFM on the weekend. Besides reading the postfix book I found the following two webpages very useful and interesting:

* Postfix-Webpage by Ralf Hildebrandt
* Tutorial: ISP-style Email Service with Debian-Woody and Postfix (1.x)

Add-ons to postfix I like are:

pflogsumm: is designed to provide an over-view of postfix activity, with just enough detail to give the administrator a “heads up” for potential trouble spots.


queuegraph: Queuegraph is a very simple mail statistics RRDtool frontend for Postfix that produces daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs of Postfix’s active, deferred, incoming and bounce queues.

What I did not expect while setting up postfix was how much spam I could avoid with just the following options in postfix-config:

smtpd_helo_required = yes
strict_rfc821_envelopes = yes
disable_vrfy_command = yes

Lots of spam and viruses just don’t pass the mailserver, of course I’m doing some additional checks on headers and bodies.

I also set up a gateway with the WRTG54 for WLAN, but I had no time to set up openwrt so I had to put it on my ToDo-list.

Yesterday I received the book on zsh. AFAICS it’s a great book, a more detailed review will follow in the next few days/weeks.

Besides that I’m still working for the next release of grml. We will release grml 0.2 at the end of december.

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