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amaroK – a(nother) music player


amaroK seems to rock. I don’t like xmms because it’s just a very bad winamp-clone without an useful file-dialog. xmms is useful for me when I want to use a static playlist and jump to a specific file via ‘j’, but that’s it.

A few days ago I tried Muine because Thomas Themel mentioned it in his blog. But Muine just didn’t work with my /data/Sound-directory (containing all my music-files) and I wasn’t in the mood to debug it -> apt-get –purge remove…

While being on KDE Community World Summit 2004 “aKademy” I noticed the discussions about the interface of amaroK. Some people mentioned that the interface is “uncommon”. Anyway, today I installed amaroK.

amaroK’s interface is different. But I think I’ll get used to it. ;-) Integration into KDE is great, it provides OSD (on screen display), you can burn CDs via menu, you get an applet in controlpane,… And I really like the filter-dialog (see the line containing ‘metheny group’ in the screenshot) which I usually use at itunes. For me amaroK seems to rock. :-)

But: I’m still searching for a good music player for console. I’ve tried several (including mpg321, moc, mp3blaster,…) but I could not find a rocking[tm] one. Damn…. :-(

4 Responses to “amaroK – a(nother) music player”

  1. wauwau Says:

    Wow, amaroK seems really to rock. :-) Thanks for that hint. I dislike KDE but amaroK seems to be worth all the bloat. Too bad that seems to down right now.

  2. mp Says:

    amaroK has become a really nice player in the last months! I tried it some time ago where it would not run so nicely but in the mean time it has developed to a very useful audio player!

  3. kon Says:

    its like itunes from apple :-)

  4. eromb Says:

    For console i use cplay. Its very simple but powerfull. Give it a shot!