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Windows and netsh

netsh is available on Windows systems since Windows 2000. I noticed that even many windows-sysadmins don’t know of it’s existence. ;-( But netsh is really useful if you have to debug network problems on windows boxes or want to set up network without clicking through lots of menus. Using netsh you can configure and display settings of interfaces, RAS, routing, firewall,… and even use it on remote computers via “Remote Desktop Connection”.

What I especially like at netsh is it’s capability of saving the current network configuration:

netsh dump > net_config 

It’s also possible to save just special settings:

netsh interface dump > net_config_int

Or do you want to dump just the ipv6-part?

netsh interface ipv6 dump > net_config_ipv6

Now you have a script which let’s you restore your network settings via:

netsh exec net_config

And check some general settings via:

netsh int ip show config

Explore the power of netsh via running ‘netsh’ and navigate through help via pressing ‘?’ or using the ‘help’-command.

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