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Paper: Stream Ciphers + Book: Computer Security


Till yesterday (18th of october) I had to finish my essay on stream ciphers for IPICS04. It is available online (PDF, 141kb) .

It has been the first time I was using BibTex “productive”. Whereas I was using Vim for editing literature.bib in the beginning I took a short look at gBibg (thanks for the hint – Stefan Sollerer!). I do not really like Gnome/GTK applications but gBib seems to work fine, especially if you don’t use an “LaTeX-IDE” like Kile. Finally I switched back to Vim because of my lazyness. ;-) Which BibTex editors are you guys using?

Very useful for me while writing the essay has been Wikipedia, of course Google and the book Computer Security by Matthew A. Bishop (ISBN: 0201440997).

The book is quite expensive but the content on the 1084 pages is really great. I couldn’t find any better books covering computer security on the theoretical layer than the one by Matthew Bishop.

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