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grml 0.1 done

I’m that happy. Many weeks with lots of work but now it’s done: grml 0.1 is finished.

I burnt the master CD in the morning and brought it to the producer who will create 100 copies which will be available at OS04. I went there by bike and there does not exist a Triesterstra├če only in Graz but also in Feldkirchen near Graz. More than one hour of riding by bike in the morning with a bike with little air in it’s wheels and on a bumpy street with cars driving with 70km/h. *d’oh*

BTW: Alfie (Gerfried Fuchs) just joined the grml-team and made Hackergotchis for us. :)

Now I’m veeery tired and nearly fall asleep while sitting at work. ;-(

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