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Grml 2020.06 – Codename Ausgehfuahangl

We did it again™, at the end of June we released Grml 2020.06, codename Ausgehfuahangl. This Grml release (a Linux live system for system administrators) is based on Debian/testing (AKA bullseye) and provides current software packages as of June, incorporates up to date hardware support and fixes known issues from previous Grml releases.

I am especially fond of our cloud-init and qemu-guest-agent integration, which makes usage and automation in virtual environments like Proxmox VE much more comfortable.

Once as the Qemu Guest Agent setting is enabled in the VM options (also see Proxmox wiki), you’ll see IP address information in the VM summary:

Screenshot of qemu guest agent integration

Using a cloud-init drive allows using an SSH key for login as user "grml", and you can control network settings as well:

Screenshot of cloud-init integration

It was fun to focus and work on this new Grml release together with Darsha, and we hope you enjoy the new Grml release as much as we do!

2 Responses to “Grml 2020.06 – Codename Ausgehfuahangl”

  1. Norbert Preining Says:

    Herzlichen Dank!!! grml war schon mehrmal meine Rettung in der Not!!!

  2. thalunil Says:

    Das Multitool in einer neuen Version. Juchu!

    Danke dafür!