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Revisiting 2015


  • Attended four conferences (FOSDEM, cfgmgmtcamp, Linuxdays Graz and Debconf)
  • Second year of business with SynPro Solutions, very happy with what we achieved
  • Very intense working year (Grml Solutions, SynPro Solutions, Grml-Forensic), I worked way more than anticipated and planned but am very glad that I’ve such wonderful business partners and colleagues

Technology / Open Source:


  • Another fork, welcome Johanna – she’s such a sunshine and I’m so incredibly proud of my two daughters
  • Played less badminton (skipped full winter term, meh) and table tennis than I would have liked to
  • Managed to get back to some kind of reasonable level on playing the drums (playing on my Roland TD-30KV drum-kit)

Conclusion: 2015 was a great though intense year for me, both business as personal wise. Looking forward to 2016.

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