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Event: OSDC 2016


Open Source Data Center Conference (OSDC) is a conference on open source software in data centers and huge IT environments and will take place in Berlin/Germany in April 2016. I will give a talk titled “Continuous Integration in Data Centers – Further 3 Years Later” there.

I gave a talk titled “Continuous Integration in data centers“ at OSDC in 2013, presenting ways how to realize continuous integration/delivery with Jenkins and related tools. Three years later we gained new tools in our continuous delivery pipeline, including Docker, Gerrit and Goss. Over the years we also had to deal with different problems caused by faster release cycles, a growing team and gaining new projects. We therefore established code review in our pipeline, improved our test infrastructure and invested in our infrastructure automation. In this talk I will discuss the lessons we learned over the last years, demonstrate how a proper continuous delivery pipeline can improve your life and how open source tools like Jenkins, Docker and Gerrit can be leveraged for setting up such an environment.

Hope to see you there!

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