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| | | GNU  |  [2003-12-05]
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| | |      |  the terminal
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2003-09-19 Michael Schroeder says he released screen 4.0.1. (no real announcement, though)
2003-08-27 release of the second beta of "screen-4" (4.0.0beta2).
2003-07-21 release of the first beta of "screen-4" (4.0.0beta1).
2003-04-08 The logfile of the IRC workshop is online at
2003-04-06 Workshop on SCREEN at 18:00 GMT on IRC net "FreeNode" (server "", channel "#screen") by Daniel K. Gebhart ("con-fuse"). for more info see page
2003-03-13 screen 3.9.15 released
* unicode combining character support
* new encoding: chinese GBK
* new 'backtick' command and string escape to
  embed command output into e.g. the hardstatus line
2003-01-25 New page: Chat| some IRC servers where you can talk about SCREEN.
2002-08-18 Finally added a header and a footer with PHP. the header now contains a list of links to all other pages and a link to add an email address to the mailing list; the footer contains the contact address and the mirror list.
2000-07-21 This page created. :-)

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