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SCREEN - Installation Hints

A collection of installation tips for SCREEN. If you have something to share on this topic then please let me know!

Screen on Debian

Installing SCREEN on a Debian machine is as easy as apt-get install screen :-)

SCREEN on Linux Slackware 3.3

Pauli Borodulin [980921]:

"Slackware 3.3 which compiled screen without problems was not having libs named /lib/libshadow.* Well, my new machine is with Slackware 3.3 too, but updated shadow-utils, have these libs. And those libs caused next problem: [...] I moved all /lib/libshadow.* to other directory, and configure worked fine and screen compiled easily."

Screen Installation from Source

Sven Guckes <>
Main Site:
Mirrors: Austria| France| SouthAfrica| USA
add a mirror? contact me!