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GNU SCREEN - Mailing List

There is one mailing list about SCREEN - and it resides on


    Summary of addresses:
    SCREEN Post message:  
    SCREEN Subscribe:
    SCREEN Unsubscribe:
    SCREEN List owner:

    GNU SCREEN MailList - Subscription and Unsubscription

    Here's a more detailed description for you beginners:

    (Un)Subscribing via Email

    Subscribing and unsubscibing is as easy as sending an email to one of these addresses:


    (Un)Subscribing from the command Line

    Sending email from the command line is quite easy. Here is how you can subscribe or unsubscribe from the command line:

    Subscribe from command line:

      echo here I am  | mail

    Unsubscribe from command line:

      echo here I go  | mail

    Yahoogroups Advertisement Signatures

    You can use the mail filter "procmail" to filter out the ads:

    # 000726,2002-08-18
    # f -- use pipe as filter
    # w -- wait for filter process to end before continuing
    :0 fw
    * Delivered-To:.*
    | sed -e '/^-\{24\} Yahoo.*Sponsor -\{21\}....$/,/^-\{69\}...$/d'

    Sven Guckes <>
    Main Site:
    Mirrors: Austria| France| SouthAfrica| USA
    add a mirror? contact me!