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jenkins-debian-glue: Continuous Integration for Debian and Ubuntu made easy

jenkins-debian-glue is an open source project of mine which recently celebrated its first birthday and it’s time to finally write about it.

jenkins-debian-glue allows you to build Debian and Ubuntu packages directly from the Jenkins continuous integration system. It retrieves package sources from a version control repository, adjusts debian/changelog (handle version number + mention changes that took place) and builds according source and binary packages out of it. Its lintitan integration provides Q/A reports about the resulting source and binary Debian packages.

It started as a small pet project of mine to get integration of Debian packaging inside Jenkins. I mainly had the needs for the Grml project in mind and starting with Grml 2011.12 every release (including also all the daily builds) was built using Jenkins since then. It turned out that my project would also be a perfect match for one of my customers, Sipwise GmbH. In December 2011 the sip:provider 2.4 was the first stable release that was built 100% through Jenkins and featuring jenkins-debian-glue.

Thanks to special needs and the open source friendliness of Sipwise I could invest further time into the project. Recently the project got even some further drive thanks to interest by some fellow Debian Developers, most notably are the icinga, nagios-plugins,… packages and the PostgreSQL in Debian Hackathon.

Now if you’re also interested in it: there’s an automated deployment procedure available for your service to get started with the whole jenkins-debian-glue and Jenkins stack in less than 10 minutes, working just fine on Debian as well as Ubuntu.

For further details please head over to or check out this 6:36min screencast (safe for work, no audio :)):

This embedded video doesn’t work for you? Try heading over to YouTube.

2 Responses to “jenkins-debian-glue: Continuous Integration for Debian and Ubuntu made easy”

  1. Jon Bonilla Says:

    Impressive video Mika. And most important, impressive project!

  2. bionix Says:

    Very impressive work and post. You are the best. ;-)