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Grml 2011.05 – Codename Just Mari

I’m proud to be able to announce a new stable release of Grml, the Debian based Live system for system administrators.

This release is a very special one for me. On the one hand of course because of the special release name “Just Mari”, being dedicated to my lovely wife.

But it’s also special because of the way the release management worked out. I’ve been the release manager for Grml since the very beginning, which turned out to be more than 6 years since the first stable release already. I developed grml-live as build framework based on FAI for generating a Grml and Debian based Linux Live system to streamline the build process. Anyway it was mainly me who managed the release chroots, doing the update management during release freeze, editing main web page etc.

As I want to make the project as independent from myself as much as possible and to keep the Bus factor in balance we started to improve our project infrastructure so it’s not just me who can do this kind of release management. As a result Grml core developer Christian Hofstaedtler became the release sergeant of this release. The release candidate version was even released without myself being available (the release happened behind my back during our marriage). Major work on the final stable release was also done by Grml core developers Ulrich Dangel, Christian Hofstaedtler, Frank Terbeck and Alexander Wirt and I’m very happy about that. Kudos guys for all your work and all the hidden efforts going on behind my back. :)

The details regarding the new Grml release are available in the official release announcement, get the ISOs from

I hope you enjoy the release as much as I do. Happy hacking!

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