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4489 days later we did it, on 21st of May Marianne and I got married.

Turned out it became a pretty geeky marriage, as Grml 2011.05-rc1 with codename “Just Mari” was released during the ceremony (thanks guys!), I had to solve a nice groom quiz and our event had its own hashtag on twitter.

Thanks to everyone making the day unforgettable for us.

4 Responses to “mika.marry(“mari”)”

  1. amne Says:

    Congratulations to both of you!!!1111eleventyone :-)

  2. Dirk Deimeke Says:

    All the best for you and your wife. Welcome to the club ;-)

  3. Sven Guckes Says:

    oh – das ist ja eine richtig gute nachricht – yay! \o/
    alles, alles gute fuer euch zwei! hochsollnselebn! :-)

    liebe gruesse aus berlin

  4. mika Says:

    Danke euch für die Glückwünsche :)