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I love EtherPad for online collaboration in real-time. By today (14th of April 2010) new pad creation will be disabled at Being aware of that in advance and as the EtherPad software was open sourced recently friends of mine and I were working on providing a dedicated EtherPad setup. TitanPad was born!

Quoting our TOS / Privacy Info:

TitanPad was launched to provide an EtherPad setup which is unrelated to any commercial and political entities. Its goal is to offer a stable service through proper operating.

Now TitanPad is officially up and running and you’re free to use it for online collaboration. Feel free to drop your feedback, questions and suggestions to our team via mail to support (at)

10 Responses to “ gone – long live!”

  1. Dirk Deimeke Says:

    Great job, many thanks! This work is highly appreciated.

    Will you add the patches from OpenSeaPad? For instance, 32 colours for Users.

    Or features like subdomains?

  2. Tom Says:

    YAEI, yet another etherpad installation. Piratepad etc. have done it before. What are you doing differently?

  3. mika Says:

    @Dirk: we will investigate that in our team, thanks for suggestion.

    @Tom: did you read our “TOS / Privacy Info” at all?


  4. Timo Juhani Lindfors Says:

    What’s your stance on the non-free JSMin code?

  5. mika Says:

    @timo: jsmin has been removed from etherpad in an update to the source by google, we have’t integrated it


  6. kero Says:



  7. Tom Says:

    I read the TOS. SO??

    There already are etherpad installations that are unrelated to any commercial and political entities (notice the “etc”).

    So what are you doing differently exactly?

  8. K Andrews Says:

    When I try to import a Word Document or any other document into TitanPad I get an error message:
    Import failed: An unknown failure occurred. (#3)

  9. ch Says:

    @Dirk: subdomains are now available, although in beta quality.

  10. Dirk Deimeke Says:

    @ch: Thanks a lot for implementing it.

    Will have to check ;-)