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Since 2009-05-28 I’m an official Debian Developer.

Thanks to all involved people. Special thanks to Gerfried ‘Rhonda’ Fuchs for being my advocate and a helpful package sponsor, to Alexander ‘formorer’ Wirt for being a helpful package sponsor, to Christoph ‘Myon’ Berg and Bernd ‘bzed’ Zeimetz from the frontdesk and to Marc ‘he’ Brockschmidt for being a great Application Manager.

7 Responses to “Debian.Developer->add_member(“mika”)”

  1. Evgeni Golov Says:

    Heh, strange syntax you have for your topics, but congratulations nevertheless, you deserve them :)
    Hope you will enjoy it.


  2. harnir Says:

    So, I presume congratulations are in order! :-)

  3. mika Says:

    @Evgeni && @harnir: hehe, thanks :)


  4. Jens Kubieziel Says:

    Congratulations mika! :-)

  5. lian Says:

    glückwunsch! :)

  6. amne Says:


  7. René Mayorga Says:

    Congrats!, and welcome :)