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Kensington Wireless Presenter (Update)

Update: just noticed that the power button is the USB part of the device. So just plug in the USB part into the presenter device will turn the device off. Tricky but nice. :)

The Kensington Wireless Presenter just works. The keymapping when using on Linux:

  • top/laserpointer: keycode 71 (being “F5”, which starts the presentation in Powerpoint, OO,…)
  • right: keycode 105 (being “next”)
  • left: keycode 99 (being “prior”)
  • bottom/stop: keycode 56 (being “b”, which enables the black screen in Powerpoint, OO,…)


  • the device is pretty small
  • the feeling is OK (works for me being a lefty as well)
  • having just a few buttons is better than too many (that’s what I don’t like at the targus presenter)
  • possibility to put the USB part of the device into the presenter device itself
  • power button (plugging the USB part of the device into the presenter turns it off)


  • no display for the battery state

7 Responses to “Kensington Wireless Presenter (Update)”

  1. Thomas Penteker Says:

    You may try out (Logitech Cordless Presenter), in addition of the presence of a power button and the battery state being displayed you get a built-in laser-pointer and a (vibrating) adjustable timer.

  2. mika Says:

    Hi Thomas,

    yeah, I already ordered the Logitech Cordless Presenter. :) I tested the Kensington device at a customer to get a comparison between different vendors/devices. :) Thanks for the pointer!


  3. flowolf Says:

    just one question:
    isn’t a bluetooth phone doing the job as well? is there no tool to connect a bt-phone to your laptop to do the presentation tasks?

    just know these problems from my mac. there i use romeo for example. new macs of course have the ir-remote control. (mine is a little older ;) )

    wouldn’t the cinergy T2 remote be an alternative to the extra device?

    greetz flowolf

  4. mika Says:

    Hi flo,

    I don’t like using a mobile phone for presenting, especially because bluetooth on Linux sucks just too often. One job, one tool. :)


  5. Karl Says:

    Hi mika!

    This device needs which type of batteries and how many of them?

  6. mika Says:

    Hi Karl,

    the device needs 2x AAA/Micro batteries.


  7. flowolf Says:

    > One job, one tool. :)

    i think i just like swiss army knives ;)