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Re: I am only mad on IRC

Martin, sorry for calling you Madduck on the Luckily I didn’t use that name during our meeting in Zurich last week. *pfuh* ;)

To take part in the pdo-game with my own name (being Michael Prokop ;-)): as many of you might know I’m known as Mika in the community. The name was invented for me around 1999 (IIRC) by a greek flat collegue who liked to call me “Mika” – refering to Mika Häkkinen (for whatever reason). From that on several people started to call me that way. I’m signing mails “to the community” with that nick since many years as well as using it in usenet and on freenode (IRC); on OFTC (another IRC network) I’ve to use mikap instead because mika was registered by another user already. Outside “the community” I’m usually known as Michael, good friends also use Michi and the family of my girlfriend uses Michl when the sister of my girlfriend (named Michaela and known as Michi as well) is present. Oh, and during grammar school I was AKA Proke.</secret> 8-)

So calling me Mika is perfectly fine because it’s a kind of uniqueness for me. There might be just too many Michaels around and at least in Austria my nickname is everything but common. Quoting the marketing department: Great trademark! ;) Oh and my speech parser knows to handle Michael, Michi and Michl as well – though it strongly depends on the situation, place, environment,…. Oh but using Proke is like talking to /dev/null – you’ve never heard of that name, ok?

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