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Linux Live-CD grml 1.1 – Codename Skunk

It’s done, we have new releases of grml, the Debian-based Linux Live-CD for sysadmins and texttool users:

  • grml 1.1 (32bit) – Codename Skunk
  • grml64 0.2 (64bit) – Codename Schwammerlklauber
  • grml-medium 0.1 (32bit) / grml64-medium (64bit) – Codename Pfuh
  • Screenshot von grml 1.1

    It’s the first stable release being based on our new build-framework grml-live which itself is based on FAI (Fully Automatic Installation). Thanks to grml-live we can provide you a new grml flavour grml-medium which tries to close the gap between grml-small and grml.

    As usual you’ll get software and kernel updates, many new packages and features plus additional hardware support. We are using LZMA compression for squashfs and provide several additional kernel modules like atl2, iscsitarget, madwifi and (for the first time) loop-aes. Oh and the grml release is known to work fine on the Asus Eee PC – LAN, WLAN and webcam working out-of-the-box! Find all the glory details about the new releases in above mentioned release notes or just visit

    For german readers there’s an article about the new release at

    BTW: On the next weekend (1st and 2nd of march) we – the grml team) – will present the new release on Chemnitzer Linuxdays at the grml booth. grml-CDs, grml-shirts und (new!) “ready to go grml-usb-pens” will be available as well as the chance to talk to us in reallife. 8-)

    So, we wish you a fast download and hope you enjoy the new release! :-)

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