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Setup-Migration: done

The power fail at home in Graz some weeks ago was a good chance to continue with migration of my setup. So far my main working system was a gateway/server system at home, but as soon as I’m not at home anymore (like sitting at a much more rocking place) murphy hits me and I don’t have access to my regular working setup anymore. So my plan was to migrate from the home-based setup (which sucks pretty much thanks to my "provider") to a setup at a hosting company. Finally I also implemented that a few weeks ago.

The migration itself was pretty painless and done within a few hours. What I’ve done:

  • convert all the tools/configurations (involving software like slrn, mutt, irssi, vim,…) from ISO-8859-15 based setup to UTF-8
  • get rid of some sucking software (like procmail and fetchmail) and use better alternatives instead (maildrop and getmail)
  • improved and consolidated the mail setup (no further splitting of mail accounts, instead access mail spool via mutt on the server itself and get synchronization with webmail (using squirrelmail) for free; filter and sort mails on the server itself using spamassassin with clamav, clam-smtp, razor, dcc-client, pyzor,…)

JFTR: I’m using packages from Debian stable, except for slrn I’m using a backported version of experimental to get better UTF-8 support.

The most sucking software in the toolchain (even though slrn was not funny as well) is (as expected): centericq. Now I’m using gajim on my laptop (as jabber support in centericq sucks even more than the one of ICQ) and run centericq via luit for getting backlog and 24/7, but maybe will migrate that to bitlbee in the future…

2 Responses to “Setup-Migration: done”

  1. Pharao Says:

    if you don’t really like squirrelmail (as I do) check out RoundCube Mail. A bit Ajax and a lot nicer to look at :)

  2. mika Says:

    @Pharao: thanks for the hint, but there’s no debian package of roundcube available in Debian stable yet and as long as webmail is just a fallback solution for me I’ll be using squirrelmail. ;-)