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Froscon 2007 – lessons learnt

  • Froscon rocks!
  • explored some more software in more detail, including op, dconf, dstat, unoconf, dwscan, ikiwiki, openQRM, Pentabarf, sl
  • it was great to meet so many people (some of them for the first time in RL), including Alexander ‘formorer’ Wirt, Timo ‘Spida’ Boettcher, Marc ‘HE’ Brockschmidt, Bernd Zeimetz, Thomas ‘MrFai’ Lange, Sebastian Harl, Elmar Hoffmann, Martin Zobel-Helas, Luk Claes, Christoph ‘myon’ Berg, Klaus Knopper, Sven Guckes, Dag Wieers and many more…
  • using ‘vlock -a -n’ with Debian package >=2.0-2 rocks when using libthinkfinger and authentication via ‘swipe finger’ (thanks, formorer :-))
  • having Debian release managers (hi Zobel and Luk :-)) by hand rocks ;-)
  • the book shop at Froscon (Lehmanns) provided one of the best selection of books I’ve seen on an Open-Source event so far (fsck, 3 more books for my library)
  • organization of the event was very good
  • sadly the press plant made a fscking error when shipping the froscon edition of grml-CDs, so 1000 grml-CDs failed to arrive in time :-(
  • thanks to Pierre Schmitz and the Archlinux team for providing us linux-user DVDs containing grml 1.0 and grml64 0.1!

2 Responses to “Froscon 2007 – lessons learnt”

  1. Hmm Says:

    Welche Bücher sind das denn?

  2. mika Says:

    1) Joel on Software von Joel Spolsky
    2) Producing Open Source Software von Karl Fogel
    3) System Performance Tuning von Musumeci und Loukides