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Using Targus Wireless Multimedia Presenter with Linux

targus presenter - pictures

Jimmy and me bought a “Targus Wireless Multimedia Presenter” and tried to use it with Linux. It works absolutely perfect – at least using grml. :-) As we couldn’t find any docs how to set it up we decided to document what you should know about it – regardless which distribution you use. Basically there are three modes available:

Mode 1 (green light):

  • left mousekey
  • scrollkey
  • right mousekey

Mode 2 (red light):

  • keycode 99 (Prior)
  • keycode 9 (Escape)
  • keycode 105 (Next)

Mode 3 (yellow light):

  • keycode 176
  • keycode 162
  • keycode 174

And finally some special keys:

  • alt-tab-key: keycode 50 + keycode 64
  • e-key: keycode 130
  • mail-key: keycode 236

To bind a keycode to an action either run something like:

xmodmap -e ‘keycode 130 = XF86AudioMute’

or configure it in your ~/.Xmodmap for alle the keybindings, some of them might be pre-configured already. Afterwards bind the specified action (like XF86AudioMute) to a command in your window manager. That’s it.

BTW: The device will work out-of-the-box with all the keybindings starting with the grml GLT06 edition, available at the Grazer linuxdays. Hope to see you there! :-)

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