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Software-Magazine: Software 2.0 Extra


While checking for new magazines at the bookstore I discovered Software 2.0 Extra. The magazine is published by Software Wydawnictwo. That’s the company you might know from their other magazines like Linux+, Hakin9 or PHP Solutions.

AFAICS there have been already two releases of the german version of “Software 2.0 Extra”, the current one covers C/C++. John Maddock wrote an article about the boost-library, Konstantin Klyagin (author of centericq) wrote about using OpenSSL and other topics are SSWF, Qt, wxWidgets, cZUI, Allegro and SQLite.

The next release of Software 2.0 Magazine will cover the topic game development, then kryptography, Perl and Delphi will follow according to the preview.

2 Responses to “Software-Magazine: Software 2.0 Extra”

  1. wauwau Says:

    At which bookstore in Graz did you found that? Kienreich, Moser, MEX?

  2. mika Says:

    At Kienreich, yes.