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Yesterday the admins of the mailserver in VC-Graz activated authentication. I was using exim because setting it up via debian’s eximconfig using a smarthost was quite trivial. Now it was time for changing to Postfix. Setting up postfix was done in a few minutes and I wrote down the required steps.

Since a few weeks ago I’m owner of the german version of the Postfix book by Kyle Dent (ISBN://3897213729). (I assume there’s no difference to the english edition [ISBN://0596002122].)

I like the book. It’s easy to read (and understand ;-)), covers many interesting topics like SASL, MySQL and LDAP and the index seems to be really helpful. If you are searching for german/english offline-documentation on Postfix I can recommend this book.

BTW: If you don’t want to use a “real mailserver” setup but need TLS-authentication anyway you can use for example msmtp (which works fine with mutt), just adjust your ~/.msmtprc:

user account_number
password your_password

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