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MP3-Player for Girlfriend

My girlfriend wants to buy a mp3-player. Of course I’m the one who evaluates which one she should buy.

I didn’t have any experience with that stuff (I’m proud owner of a minidisc-player since many years) so I posted to the TUG-newsgroup tu-graz.hardware and got great feedback.

The requirements are:

* linux compatible
* good (life-span of) accumulator
* good sound (not high-quality)
* available in austria (via shipment or shop in Graz or Klagenfurt)
* price of max. 150 euros

The following mp3-players have been proposed:

Archos Ondio SP MP3-Player 128MB (68 Euro)

dnt Fun256 (102 Euro)

Acer MP3-Player/USB-Stick 256MB inkl. FM-Tuner (AG.MP3F2.256) (125 Euro)

Apple iPod mini Musicplayer 4GB silver (M9160ZR/A) (258 Euro)

Commodore MP3-Player (~150 Euro at Niedermeyer)

So it’s my turn and I have to choose one. I really like Apple’s stuff but the mini iPod isn’t really an alternative (price, no apple-computer,…). About 100 euros would be ok. A FM-Tuner would be nice, a possibility to record talkings would be great.

A very hard decision and I still don’t know which one to choose. Any more comments which could cause me to go to bed before googeling for another few hours? ;-)

5 Responses to “MP3-Player for Girlfriend”

  1. murphee Says:

    I can’t talk about the MP3 players you mentioned, but Archos is a company to watch in these matters. They have been cranking out cutting edge products for quite a while now.
    A cheap HD MP3 Player is the Gmini 120 ( ,, which packs a 20 GB HD, a compact Flash reader,…; there is an optional (ie. you have to pay) remote control / FM receiver);
    There is a newer model, the Gmini 220, which fixes some of the Gmini 120 problems and also features a larger screen.
    If size is not a problem, the Archos Jukeboxes are also an option (they are probably more for your tastes: there is actually an Open Source project that completely replaces the OS of the Jukebox; they have rewritten the OS for the device: );

    Hmm… come to think of it, this will probably not be of any help and will only increase the amount of time you spend on Google… (it took me about 3 months to make the decision to get my Archos AV340);

  2. Michael Prokop Says:

    Thanks Murphee!

    I just took a look at Geizhals:

    Archos Gmini 120 for € 188,–
    Archos Gmini 120 SP (500623) for € 185,–
    Archos Gmini 220 for € 309,–

    Quite too expensive for my girlfriend :-(

  3. Peter Says:

    Der beste MP3-Player ist für mich ganz klar der Daisy DIVA. Er ist sehr klein und leicht, läßt sich mit SD-Cards auf 1 GB erweitern und ist preislich ganz OK. Außerdem verfügt er über einen FM-Tuner und kann auch Gespräche aufnehmen.
    österreichischer Vertrieb:
    möglicherweise billiger erhältlich unter:
    ODER mal mit GOOGLE suchen.


  4. Michael Prokop Says:

    Wäre zumindest für mich (vom Preisbereich) her nicht uninteressant:

    DaisyTech DIVA Gem (MP3Player;128MB) 1 Angebot um € 139,–
    DaisyTech DIVA Gem (MP3Player;256MB) 1 Angebot um € 189,–

    So wie es ausschaut wird heute (für meine Freundin) der “dnt MP3 Fun 256 MB” um 102 Euro bei Amazon bestellt. Sogar laut Hersteller Linux-kompatibel und hat ganz gute Bewertungen bekommen. Preis-/Leistung sollte also ok sein.

    Danke dir, Peter!

  5. Mike Slass Says:

    I have an IRiver ifp-180t. It’s 128MB with fm tuner and voice record, with an nice LDC panel. It’s about three times the size of the AA battery it uses. Currently listing for $US-79. You can get one with 256MB for about $US-100.

    I sync files between it and my Fedora Core 2 system using ifp, an open source package, and the USB cable. Works great. I load it with radio programs for my wife to take on the plane on business trips.