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I am running QNX at work. I wanted to install QNX at home, so let’s set up a gateway. Anytime I have traffic on eth1 at the gateway the kernel freezes – grml. No network on the old computer, a fast try running QNX inside VMWare was not successfull (ok, I found another QNX-ISO designed for VMWare I could try once) I delete my /data on the laptop (backup via ssh on server) and want to install QNX on /dev/hda1 on my laptop. Booting QNX…. argl – doesn’t work. Ok, try some other bootparameters – ok, no chance to get QNX working with networking :(

Because I am going to set up 2.6.0-test9 on my server I could change from cisco-vpn to PPTP – maybe I can activate the gateway then for running QNX behind.

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