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GLT15: Slides of my “Debian 8 aka jessie, what’s new” talk


I wasn’t sure whether I would make it to Linuxdays Graz (GLT15) this year so I didn’t participate in its call for lectures. But when meeting folks on the evening before the main event I came up with the idea of giving a lightning talk as special kind of celebrating the Debian jessie release.

So I gave a lightning talk about "Debian 8 aka jessie, what’s new" on 25th of April (couldn’t have been a better date :)) and the slides of my talk turned up to be more useful than expected (>3000 downloads within the first 48 hours and I received lots of great feedback), so maybe it’s worth mentioning them here as well: "Debian 8 aka jessie, what’s new" (PDF, 450KB)

PS: please join the #newinjessie game, also see #newinjessie on twitter

2 Responses to “GLT15: Slides of my “Debian 8 aka jessie, what’s new” talk”

  1. Michael Banck Says:

    Great talk! Just a bit sad you didn’t mention PostgreSQL-9.4 on slide 11. It’s the current version and it was a tough call, so I’m glad it made it into jessie.

  2. mika Says:

    @Michael: thanks for mentioning this, excellent point – I just updated my slides! :)