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Open Source Projects using Jenkins

For a (german) talk I’ll be giving soon I was interested in a list of open source projects which use Jenkins. Jenkins is a great open source continuous integration server. I was wondering whether such a list exists but since it doesn’t exist yet I created my own and Kohsuke Kawaguchi (creator of Hudson/Jenkins) suggested to blog about it. There we go. :)

Open source projects using Jenkins, though Jenkins service not accessible for the public (yet):

And Cloudbees hosts some OSS projects providing Jenkins as a service.

Update [2011-09-05]: I put the list to the jenkins wiki under ->

Update [2011-08-29]: thanks for all the feedback, I’ve updated the list accordingly.
If you’re aware of another open source project using Jenkins please leave it in the comments, I’ll update the list accordingly then.

20 Responses to “Open Source Projects using Jenkins”

  1. cstamas Says:

    Can you say some words about how you use it related to grml?

    I do not really get what Jenkins is.

  2. Julian Says:

    Icinga ( uses Jenkins too.

  3. andrewsomething Says:

    Bazaar (bzr) uses Jenkins:

  4. andy Says:


  5. Leon Rosenberg Says:

    Another one: MoSKito

  6. Joakim Olsson Says:

    My two small Tapestry 5 modules are built with Jenkins at

  7. Bruno P. Kinoshita Says:

    Nice! Thanks for sharing. Cloudbees hosts some OSS projects:

  8. Yagisan Says:

    The Doom Port Service ( ) runs a Trac/Jenkins system that monitors and builds most Doom ports and utilities.

  9. hgomez Says:

    OpenJDK 7 for OS/X project use Jenkins (hosted on a Mac under Snow).

  10. Francois Marier Says:

    Mahara is another one:

  11. foo Says:

    Why not start a page about this on the Jenkins website or wiki?

  12. Yagisan Says:

    The link to the Doom Port Build Service is broken – a direct link to the Jenkins instance is – not

  13. Jan Dittberner Says:

    SQLAlchemy-migrate’s Jenkins is at using a matrix build for all supported Python and SQLAlchemy versions

  14. Zikula user Says:

    Zikula uses Jenkins, too:

  15. Roland Says:

    FusionForge ( also uses Jenkins (and Hudson, but we plan to abandon that one as soon as practical).

  16. mika Says:

    Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    @cstamas: for Grml we automatically build Debian package(s) and a Live ISO on each commit/push. This gives a very nice workflow WRT development and testing. Since I’m working in this area quite a lot these days I plan to provide more information in an upcoming blog article.

    @Julian: yeah, AFAIK you’re even using my jenkins-debian-glue code ;)

    @foo: I’ll try to start such a page in the wiki as soon as registration works for me (b0rken mail server config at Jenkins’ registration server).


  17. beatpanic Says:

    Openquake (not the game :) — check uses Jenkins thanks!

  18. mika Says:

    @beatpanic: thanks, added! :)


  19. mika Says:

    FTR: I just put the list to the jenkins wiki under ->


  20. cstamas Says:

    Looks like github also uses Jenkins