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Report from FAI developer meeting 04/2011

Last week a developer meeting of the FAI project took place in Cologne/Germany. Four core developers (project lead Thomas Lange and 3x Michael :)) met for two days to discuss and work on the FAI project.

The first day (2011-04-14) started at 11:45 and lasted until around 21:15, the second day (2011-04-15) started at 11:00 and lasted until 22:00. We made 134 svn commits in those two days. The developer meeting was great, we got tons of stuff done:

  • New release candidate version for stable release 3.4.8
  • Implemented support for CentOS 5
  • Website improvements:
  • Setup-storage improvements:
    • Backport from trunk/experimental of setup-storage into 3.4.8
    • Cleanup of setup-storage patches
    • Minor bugfixes
    • setup-storage in 3.4 got align-at and default to cylinder alignment if preserve is used
  • Worked on autotesting using Kantan:
  • Discussed Release management:
    • 3.4.x considered as long term stable release (includes tested bugfixes and tested features that have been backported from developer versions (4.x and experimental))
    • 4.x considered as developer version (inclusion of fast bugfixes, inclusion of big features which might break stable version,…)
  • Documentation:
  • Unsorted other stuff:
    • Removed obsolete branches in svn
    • Grub now being installed from inside the target instead of nfsroot
    • Changelog in trunk got entries from 3.4.X with fixed git commit ids; entries were merged to find exact diff of trunk to 3.4.X
    • Defined what needs to be done after the developer meeting.

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