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Grml 2009.10 – Codename Hello-Wien

Screenshot of Grml 2009.10

Distrowatch, Heise, Pro-Linux, Symlink, Golem & CO already have the news: a new version of the Debian based Live system for system administrators has been released: Grml 2009.10 – Codename ‘Hello-Wien‘.

One visible new feature is the new bootsplash which should lead you through the most important boot options. The new release features kernel with various patches and extra modules. We’ve an automatic hostname configuration via DHCP & rDNS, improved network boot capabilities, extensive documentation to Grml’s Z Shell features and configuration, support for GRUB2 and directory-specific Z Shell configuration. Amongst the new software packages are Google’s stressapptest, btrfs-tools and guymager.

A full changelog and release notes can be found at

As always, images for 32 bit and 64 bit x86 architectures are provided in the sizes grml (~700 MiB), medium (~200 MiB) and small (~100 MiB). They can be downloaded via HTTP, FTP, rsync and Bittorrent.

Thanks to all the contributors for being part of this rocking release!


3 Responses to “Grml 2009.10 – Codename Hello-Wien”

  1. someone Says:

    Is GRML a Debian pure blend?

  2. Fladi Says:

    Thanks to all of you who were involved in bringing us this amazing release. Grml made our daily work so much easier!

    Congrats from the Medical University of Graz

  3. mika Says:

    @someone: Nope

    @Fladi: Thanks :)