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mika’s advent calendar – day 7: irssi backlog completion

If you are using Irssi, the terminal based IRC client, you might be interested in a nice script by Florian Ragwitz: backlog completion. Quoting from the script:

backlog completion:
enter a word prefix and press TAB – and the prefix will be
expanded from all the words on the current channel on everything
that was said by yourself or by others – provided that its
length is at least $backlog_complete_min_length and at most
$backlog_complete_max_length long, and consists only of letters
in $backlog_complete_word_chars. word case does not matter.

Using irssi? Install it by copying it to ~/.irssi/scripts/ and running ‘/script load’ inside irssi then. Enjoy pressing <tab>. :)

2 Responses to “mika’s advent calendar – day 7: irssi backlog completion”

  1. lewurm Says:

    uhh, nice! thank you

  2. lied Says: