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grml release delayed through a CBS commedy series. News at 11<Rhonda />

There we go: there’s a new grml release (you know, the Debian based Linux Live-CD for sysadmins and texttool users). The release with codename Schluchtenscheisser and version number 2008.11 is available in different variants. The 32bit versions grml, grml-medium and grml-small as well as grml64, grml64-medium and (new!) grml64-small are available through For details regarding the changes in the new release check out the release announcements.

Happy grml-ing, dear Schluchtenscheissers – and to the rest of the world. 8-)

3 Responses to “Schluchtenscheisser!”

  1. foo Says:

    I’d love to see grml renamed to debian-live-sysadmin (or similar) and distributed from for the squeeze release, since it is probably too late for lenny.

  2. elkin Says:

    hi, I think you used a “false friend” in the subtitle. Not “delayed through” (verspätet durch) but “delayed due to”. Anyways, thanks for the nice tool.

  3. mika Says:

    @foo: grml is unstable based, neither etch nor lenny ;)

    @elkin: thanks for correcting, but I was quoting Rhonda and didn’t want to modify the original :)