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FAI developer meeting in Extremadura/Spain

For the last few days I’ve been in the city Badajoz in region Extremadura of Spain at the FAI developer meeting. Check out the Linex Euronews Video at youtube to get a short impression of Linux in the region.

Lessions learnt:

  • debcommit is great, it generates a commit message based on new text in debian/changelog (thanks for the pointer, Holger)
  • rc-alert lists installed packages which have release-critical bugs, nice (again part of devscripts, I should take a whole day to take a closer look at all the nifty stuff in devscripts; thanks again, Holger)
  • use caff (Debian package signing-party) for keysigning (thanks tokkee for the reminder, I always forget the name of it)
  • collectd (statistics collection and monitoring daemon) seems to rock (thanks again, tokkee)
  • chdk is a firmware add-on for Canon’s Digic II & Digic III cameras and really rocks (thanks for the pointer Thomas, works fine for my Canon Powershot A700)
  • ganglia (cluster system monitoring daemon) looks nice as well (thanks Thomas)
  • workrave (Repetitive Strain Injury prevention tool) seems to be perfect for me (thanks again, Thomas) :)

FAI Comic - Image

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