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Make console work comfortable

Update on 2020-12-04: include tmux.conf.

Update on 2017-01-27: provide easy to remember$filename URLs.

Update on 2009-02-13: adjust zshrc setup as is deprecated, see grml-zsh-refcard.

Update on 2008-10-10: replace old URLs with current

Update on 2009-08-11: refer to /etc/vim/vimrc as /etc/vim/vimrc and /etc/skel/.vimrc have been merged

You like grml‘s Zsh, GNU screen and Vim configuration? No problem to get that on non-grml/non-Debian/non-Linux/… systems as well. Just copy/paste the following lines which are stolen from one of my personal cheatsheets for working on foreign systems (being Linux as well as Solaris, BSD, Windows,…):

# IMPORTANT: please note that you might override existing
# configuration files in the current working directory! => 
wget -O .screenrc
wget -O .tmux.conf
wget -O .vimrc
wget -O .zshrc
# optional:
# wget -O .zshrc.local

If you do not want to copy/paste just use the script instead.

Notice: the above URLs always points to the most recent version of the file(s), so it’s easy to stay up2date as well as checking out a very specific version of the configuration files. Just look at

Disclaimer: If you notice any problems with the configuration files on your system/platform please let us know, it’s considered a bug then. Any other feedback is welcome as well of course. :)

2 Responses to “Make console work comfortable”

  1. James Says:

    I’d recommend removing the p vmap in /etc/vim/vimrc. It has various bad side effects ( and p already pastes from the ” register.

  2. mika Says:

    @James: thanks for the hint! Fixed that: