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Power drain with Suspend-To-Disk?

The battery of your laptop keeps getting drained even though you are using Suspend-To-Disk [STD]? (No, I’m not talking about Suspend-To-RAM!) That’s what happens at least on my Lenovo ThinkPad X61s notebook. Thankfully there exists a workaround:

Check out what suspend method you use:

# cat /sys/power/disk
[platform] test testproc shutdown reboot

So by default ‘platform’ is used, which corresponds with ACPI S4 and is fine if it works for you. What should fix your problem if you notice too much power drain with STD:

# echo shutdown > /sys/power/disk

Now you shouldn’t find any “blinking suspended leds” on your system any longer and no further power drain should happen. More details available at $LINUX_KERNEL/Documentation/power/.

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  1. Hans-Peter Bierbaumer Says:

    Thanks a lot!

    Hans-Peter Bierbaumer