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VirtualBox + USB

Running hot off the press 2.6.22-grml I took a look at the current version of VirtualBox. And I’m really amazed how responsive it is. Not only booting grml is rocking fast but also typing on the console is reaaaally fast – much more responsive than with VMware. (I took a look at VirtualBox several months ago already but the 64bit version did not work and I lost interest in it temporarly therefore.)

Though I stumbled upon a small problem, that’s why I’m feeding google (several users don’t seem to manage the problem ;-)):

Virtualbox - USB error message - screenshot of Could not load the Host USB Proxy Service (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND). The service might be not installed on the host computer. Result Code: 0x80004005

That’s telling you that USB might not work as expected. ;-) When straceing the process you’ll notice that VirtualBox tries to access /proc/bus/usb/devices. Nowadays /proc/bus/usb is deprecated by libusb + /dev/bus/usb but of course it’s no problem to use /proc/bus/usb anyway. So until upstream of VirtualBox moves to libusb the workaround is as simple as:

# VBOX=$(grep vboxusers /etc/group | sed 's/vboxusers:x:\\(.*\\):.*/\\1/')
# mount -t usbfs -o devgid=$VBOX,devmode=664,nodev,noexec,nosuid none /proc/bus/usb

One Response to “VirtualBox + USB”

  1. JW Says:

    Excellent. I need to try this. I was trying out VBox the other day and noticed this. I hadn’t put the time into the research, and I’m glad I didn’t — I don’t think I’m yet savvy enough to get THAT answer.