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grml 1.0, grml64 0.1 and grml-small 0.4

Screenshot of grml 1.0

It’s done. grml 1.0 is available. New features? Tons of them. 8-) Just check out the official release notes for grml 1.0. Need grml for a x86_64 system? No problem, grml64 0.1 is waiting for you. You are used to grml-small? Check out grml-small 0.4.

You want to know what are my favourite features of the new release? Besides the updated kernel, libc, and the 109 new packages? For example I love grml-debootstrap‘s feature of installing a plain Debian with one single command (no further keypress!). I love playing with ZFS on Linux using zfs-fuse. I like the possibility to generate an OpenOffice document out of my existing asciidoc documentation using docbook2odf.

I’ll present the new release at the grml booth of grazer linuxdays on 19th of may and will give a (german) talk about grml on the event as well. Hope to see you there. ;-)

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