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tcprobe: get information on movie files

Today I discovered the useful tool tcprobe. Till today I used mplayer and GNU strings for getting details on movie files. tcprobe is part of the transcode package and provides detailed information on files:

$ tcprobe -i test.avi 
[tcprobe] RIFF data, AVI video
[avilib] V: 25.002 fps, codec=DX50, frames=1597, width=352, height=288
[avilib] A: 32000 Hz, format=0x55, bits=0, channels=1, bitrate=56 kbps,
[avilib]    1586 chunks, 447131 bytes, CBR
[tcprobe] summary for test.avi, (*) = not default, 0 = not detected
import frame size: -g 352x288 [720x576] (*)
       frame rate: -f 25.002 [25.000] frc=0 (*)
      audio track: -a 0 [0] -e 32000,0,1 [48000,16,2] -n 0x55 [0x2000] (*)
                   bitrate=56 kbps
           length: 1597 frames, frame_time=39 msec, duration=0:01:03.875

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