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DeMuDi is part of AGNULA:

AGNULA (acronym for Ā«A GNU/Linux Audio distributionĀ», pronounced with a strong g) is the name of a project funded by the European Commission (number of contract: IST-2001-34879; key action IV.3.3, Free Software: towards the critical mass).

After the end of the funded period, AGNULA is continuing as a volunteer based project, aiming to spread Libre Software in the professional audio/video arena.

AGNULA’s main task is the development of two reference distributions for the GNU/Linux operating system completely based on Free Software (i.e. under a FSF approved Free Software license) and completely devoted to professional and consumer audio applications and multimedia development. One distribution will be Debian-based (DeMuDi) and the other will be Red Hat-based (ReHMuDi).

I tried to install DeMuDi last week on the student computer at work and chose the kernel 2.6 option. But it just sucfailed – I think because of using an older version of d-i. Today I gave it another try with the default option using kernel 2.4. And it worked. I found many applications I’ve never heard of and found some apps I wanted to try but never had the possibility to. What I don’t like at DeMuDi is the look’n’feel of Gnome (I do know that it’s possible to switch to fluxbox). ;-) I personally never use a display manager like GDM or KDM but for people on my institute it’s a ‘must have feature’. The usability of GDM sucks IMO and setting it up to allow everyone to reboot the machine via GDM menu was pain for me (correlation of menu and gdm.conf did not work as I expected it to) . KDM wasn’t better: setting it up was much easier but it regularly crashed without any reasons. ;-)

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