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OS04 and grml (Update)


OS04 has been done.[tm] IMO it was an great event. I met many friends and could talk to interesting people. The talks I’ve seen were great too. My pics are available online. Now I’m trying to catch up >2700 unread rss-feed entries. Reading >100 feeds is quite hard if you can’t read them every single day. ;-)

Feedback on grml is great, not a single flame-mail. ;-) Downloads of the grml os04 release produced a traffic of >68GB within one day on the main mirror. And grml can be found in the press:


grml produced a traffic of >112 GB on the main mirror till now.
grml in the press can be found on

People writing about OS04/grml in their blogs:
* alfie (@debian)
* dkg
* jimmy
* niko

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