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Zonked Quokka and USB

Linux Kernel (aka Zonked Quokka) seems to have problems with USB. :-(

First of all I had (again) problems with one of my USB-sticks – the superfloppy one. See the log:

usb #-x.y: can't connect bus-powered hub to this port

If you see something like that you might be using a usb keyboard port. Just try it with a regular usb port. Solved my problem and seems to work fine.

The second problem I had (and still have) is connecting the mp3player (dnt 256) of my girlfriend with a computer running It just does not work, neither on my workstation nor on my laptop. Not a single entry in the log. But connecting the stick results in a constant load of 2 – *d’oh*. No chance to get back to “a normal load”. Asking google for usb+2.6.8[.1] confirms my suspicion: usb and 2.6.8 can’t be considered as stable. grml

One Response to “Zonked Quokka and USB”

  1. mp Says:

    Strangely my iRiver also refuses to work with Maybe the same reason?