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Haunted by Apple

baghira screenshot

Yes, Apple seems to hunt me ;-).

As you can read in my last blog-entry I evaluate(d) iPods.

Today Karl Voit pointed me to the baghira-look’n feel for KDE which tries to simulate Apple-feelings. And hey – it works! I really like it. (Take a look at the screenshot.)

Jimmy (who set up his weblog today) pointed me to a special book of O’Reilly’s series called ‘Hacks’. There I found iPod & iTunes Hacks. Argl.

In many of the blogs I’m reading Apple is mentioned. For example Tim Pritlove is blogging abobut “Apple: The Microsoft of the Music Market” and “OSX client”. And even in the news I read Apple-news, e.g. Mac Keeps Lead on Linux (

Grml. Steve – I know that Apple provides great notebooks (an ibook is on my wishlist for quite some time) and that I should take a look at Mac OS X. But give me some more time, let’s say till you release Mac OS X v10.4 AKA Tiger. Thanks. :-)

One Response to “Haunted by Apple”

  1. Thomas Quaritsch Says:

    I also discovered the Baghira Theme, but you need a more mac-ish panel: (Screenshot from my new ASUS Notebook currently in RMA :-()